Cremation Services

Cremation options include:

a traditional funeral service with visitation followed by cremation
direct cremation with memorial service and visitation
direct cremation with memorial service only
direct cremation with no services.

Cremation is an alternative to the burial process and it is chosen by many people because of religious beliefs, the desire to preserve the environment or it was requested by the person who died. Cremation is not an alternative to a funeral, but rather an alternative to burial.

Cremated remains can be scattered or buried, or they may be kept with the family in a decorative urn.  

Cremation FAQ

What is Cremation?

Cremation is the process of reducing the human body to ashes using high heat and flame.  

Is a casket needed for Cremation?

No, a casket is not required, most states require an alternative container constructed of wood or cardboard, however, if a funeral service with viewing is requested, a casket will need to be purchased that is appropriate for cremation as well.

Is embalming required prior to cremation?

No.  But it would be required for a public viewing prior to cremation.

Can the body be viewed without embalming?

Yes, immediate family members may briefly view the deceased prior to cremation, immediately following death and at the discretion of the funeral director.

Can an urn be brought into church?

It is encouraged that cremated remains be a part of the memorial service in a church.

Do I need an urn?

An urn is not required.  If an urn is not purchased or provided by the family, the cremated remains will be returned in a temporary plastic container.  There are many beautiful urns available and keepsake urns, eco friendly urns and jewery options are also available.